Hope For A Generation tab with lyrics by Fat Freddys Drop - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Fat Freddys Drop – Hope For A Generation tab

Song:		Hope for a Generation
Artist:		Fat Freddy's Drop
Album:		Hope for a Generation EP
tabbed by James van Rooyen

A long song, hopefully you don't get lost in the tab. If in doubt, just use the Am & C chords.
I've divided the songs into 2 parts, the second part starts at 5:37
For the most part the song is in Am, so any fills you find you should be able to
figure out using the Am scale. Sorry for not tabbing them all out, but it'd just 
get too messy, but
do take the time to figure them out and put them in at the end of each line, because 
fit really well.

Main Riff:E-------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------|G--------------2-0-2-0----------------------------|D-----2-2-2-2------------------5-5-5-5----5-------|A-0-0------------------7-5-3-3----------3---------|E-------------------------------------------3-4-5-|
Main riff as intro a few times, then come in with the chords: Main chords: For both verse & chorus of first part of song, lyrics incl.
Am CE-5---------5---------5---------5---------8---------8---------8---------8-|B-5---------5---------5---------5---------8---------8---------8---------8-|G-5---------5---------5---------5---------9---------9---------9---------9-|D-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Hope for a generation, just beyond my reach, not beyond my sight Hope for a generation, mmmm mmmmm
I wanna Drip like honey from the honey bee, walk from the river down to the sea Fly through the face of a thundercloud Break down
Brass fills:E----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------8~~~--------------------------------------|G---9~~~~~-------9~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------|D----------------10~~~~~~~~--------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------|
*Main fill*E----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------|G---5-7-9~~~~~----5-7-9~~~~~~-----5-7-9~~~~\5~~~~----------------|D---------------------10~~~~~------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------|
Second part of song: This is a call & reponse, so you'd play the first part, eg the 8-8-10-8 on the guitar (in the record, it's the brass), and then sing the same notes. Towards the end it's still call and response, however Joe sings different notes to what the brass plays. Finally, after the singing, the brass comes in with their solo.
E-----------------------------------------------11p10p8-8--------|B-8-8-10-8--------8-10/13-10------8-8-10-8----8------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------| Love for music... A love for music... The music is me The music is you
E-------------11p10p8-8------------------------------------------|B-8-10/13-13-----------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------5*----------------|D----------------------------------------------7b9---------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------| Music can be Something we do Because the music is good and the music is right etc
*Note: The words 'good' and 'right', etc, are sung using the C note (where the * is in the riff above) while the guitar bends from the 7 to the 9. Together (voice & guitar) make up part of a C major chord.
E-----------------3-3--------------------------------------------|B-----------3-4-5-----4------------------------------------------|G--5-5-5--5-------------5----------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------| It's the thing I do to get me through...
After this, you can solo in Cm, finishing off with this lick a couple times:E----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------|G--/9~--7-9-7~-5-------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------|And back to the intro riff, with Am fills as with the first part of the song.
Guitar at the end of the songE-----------------------15--3~~-----------------------15~~~~-----|B-1-3-5-7-8-10-12----13-----5~~----1-3-5-7-8-10-12~~~------------|G---------------------------5~~----------------------------------|D---------------------------*------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------| *Guitar uses whammy to make the vibrato on this chord
Final Brass fill:E----7h8p7~~~~~--~~|B--8-------8~~~--~~|G------------7~--~~|D----------------~~|A----------------~~|E----------------~~|
First Part of song: Verse: Hope for a generation Just beyond my reach, not beyond my sight Hope for a generation Mmm hmmm, yeah I see it Singing hope for a generation Chorus: I wanna drip like honey from the honey bee Walk from the river down to the see Fly through the face of a thundercloud Break down Down on the people that won't allow Not gonna let them keep me Not gonna let them hold me Not gonna let them tempt me No Not gonna let them keep me... Second part of Song: A love for music A love for music The music is me The music is you The music can be Something we do Because the music is good and the music is right and the music can stand strong right through the night and music can hold you music can keep you safe from harm in her beautiful arms music is you that thing we do it's the thing we do it's the thing we do it's the thing I do to get me through
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