Fat Freddys Drop - Hope tab

tabbed by James van Rooyen
This is my acoustic version of Hope.
A capo on the 3rd fret might make it easier (then play as if it were Em)

Bb Let your love flow down Gm Let it fall to the ground Bb Therein lies the roots Gm Reaching for the stream Bb All I wanna do Gm Is keep on reaching through Keep on reaching through Bb To the river wide and strong Gm It won't take long Bb We can all go together Gm If we just hold on Bb A new generation And a brand new age Gm I wanna fall like rain On burning pages Bb Rise from the ashes Like a phoenix sun Gm Learning to flow Searching for love Bb You know that I can't get enough of
Bb Get enough of that hope Bb Ab Bb Oooh oooh oooh Bb Hope Bb Ab Gmaj Oooh oooh oooh Bb And hope And hope, yeah Gm And hope, yeah yeah
Bb Hope, hey Gm Hope, hey heh Bb I want my child Gm Bb To see the beauty of this place Gm Bb To walk from the mountains, to the sea ***Continue with the B and Gm, throw in some bass lines from the G to the Bb ***Basically add some fills in Gm pentatonic, spice it up: And hope And hope, yeah And hope, yeah yeah And hope, yeah yeah And hope, hope... yeah, yeah Oh love baby, hope baby And oh oh oh, yeah yeah Bb You know that I can't get enough of
"Get enough of that hope"e--6---------------------------------6------|B---8--------------------------------6------|G----7-------------------------------7------|D-----8/7----------------------------8------|A------------------------------------8------|E---------------------------3-/-6----6------|
(slide up)Bb Ab BbOooh oooh ooohBbHopeBb Ab GOooh oooh yeah yayBbHopeBb Ab BbOooh ooohBbHopeBb Ab GA-yeah-yay
Fill for next part: Bb Gmadd2e---6-3----------------------------------------------------------|B-------6-4b3-------------6--------------------------------------|G-------------5-3--2-2~/3---3-2~3/5-0----------------------------|D-------------------------------------3-3~-----------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E---6~~~~~---------3-3~~~~~--------------------------------------| "You know that I can't get enough of"
You know that I can't get enough of You know that I can't get enough of You know that I can't get enough of Keep on, keep on Bb Gm I wanna promise you hope for a generation Hope for a generation Bb I wanna promise you
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