Fat Freddys Drop - This Room Live tab

Song:		This Room
Artist:		Fat Freddy's Drop
Album:		Green Room 003: Earth
tabbed by James van Rooyen

This is taken from a live version I found on the net, and is from
Gilles Peterson's live BBC sessions. Search youtube for it. V nice version.
I put it under the Green Room album as it has a similar version,
although I'm not sure how these two compare.
The BOATS version is in Fm (I think), whereas this is Cm, so
don't try fit these chords to the original, it will sound horrible :)

Main riff from the version on Green Room 003: (EAR)THE------------------------|B------------------------|G-----------3------------|D-------3-5---3----------|A--3--6---------6-3----3-|E------------------------|
Chords: Cm Gm G# Gm7E---3---3----4----3--|B---4---3----4----3--|G---5---3----5----3--|D---5---5----6----3--|A--------------------|E--------------------|
The chords for the first verse are the same for all the others: Cm I sit and watch you from my window Gm Giving yourself away G# Gm7 Cm You've been working hard all day Cm I see the ground catch at your feet Gm I see the sweet signs of defeat G# Gm7 Cm Like you're beaten but you feel no pain And then you turn to me instinctively checking if you're alone like a relfex from my guilty mind I fall away into the background like a shadow on the wall To leave you with your piece of mind Chorus: I watch from my window up high All alone in this room So many people go the same way I think it's time that I change my view(s) Like a king in his lonely kingdom A ruler who had no rules See I've got nothing left to lose I think it's time that I change my view(S) Cm Why did you choose my way Gm Why did you come down this lonely street G# Was it to meet me Gm7 Cm Was it to tango with the roots they sound so sweet
Play these notes short & sharp:E----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D------------------------1---|A-1-3----------------1-3---3-|E----------------------------| Sweeter than gold
E------------------------|B------------------------|G------------------------|D-1-3----------------1-3-|A------------------3-----|E------------------------| Sweeter than fame
E----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------1---1--------------1----------------|A-1-3--------------------1-3---3---3-----------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------| Sweeter than honey More power than money
Gm F7 G# CmE--6---66--55---------44-----3-------------------------------------------------------|B--8---88--44---------44-----4-------------------------------------------------------|G--7---77--55---------55-----5-------------------------------------------------------|D------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
walking along this lonely street Gm someone I'd like to meet G# Gm7 Someone I'd like to know Cm As a kindred soul Gm F7 G# Cm Gm oh so spiritual the sound ran down like waterfalls G# running away never the same Gm7 Cm Changing my view of you everyday Then a solo in Cm with the original chord progression as the backing, and finishing with the chorus: [I watch from my window up high, All alone in this room, So many people go the same way, I think it's time that I changed my views Like a king in his lonely kingdom, A ruler who had no rules, Ooh oh I got nothing got left to lose, I think itís time that I changed my views] (x5)
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