Midnight Marauders chords with lyrics by Fat Freddys Drop - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Fat Freddys Drop – Midnight Marauders chords

Song: 		Midnight Marauders
Artist:		Fat Freddy's Drop
Album:		Dub Conspiracy, The Green Room 001: Eco-Nation, Sonar Kollective
tabbed by James van Rooyen

Chords: Fm C Dbe---4---3---4----------------------------------------------------|B---6---5---6----------------------------------------------------|G---5---5---6----------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro Riff (Sonar Kollective & Green Room versions)e----------------------------------------------------------------|B-----4----------------------------------------------------------|G---5---6-5-6----------------------------------------------------|D-3--------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus Riffs:e-1--1--3--4--1-------6---5---3~--------------------------------------|B-1--1--4--6--1-------8---6---5~--------------------------------------|G---------------------8---6---5~--------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro Chords: Fm C
DbTake my eyes that I could be so blind
C DbI could not see it was there, waiting
Lost and found, the second time around
C DbWas good for me, now I see, would not waste a moment, oh no
Db CMidnight Marauders
DbMidnight Marauders
CMidnight Marauders
FmDid my time, took a look around you
Off the track them roots grow strong
CMan in the radio plays the tune
Seed of the midnight flower bloom
FmSee them come to the midnight show
Who's gonna be the one to go?
CWho's gonna be that one to lead?
Please Chorus
FmOh well you work all day, up to the night
And find your way home, ooh
CMidnight marauders you would never walk alone
FmOh brother time has come for us to leave
The problems of the day
Cand I would not waste a moment, no way
No way Chorus:
FmMidnight Marauders
CMidnight Marauders
FmMidnight Marauders
FmWent to the corner store to buy me
Cigarettes and some papers
CWhen the girl at the counter caught my eye
Asked me to meet her later, she said
FmDown by the door at the back of the store
There's a place where you can wait
COh, placing your order with me now
FmRinging on my bell
Knocking on my door
CShe be ringing on my bell
Knocking on my door
FmShe be ringing on my bell
Knocking on my door etc
FmKnock 3 times so I know it's you
FmKnock 2 times so I know it's you
CPlease, Please
Knock 1 time so I know it's you Knock 2 times so I know it's you Please Knock 4 times so I know it's you Knock 2 times so I know it's you Please Knock on the once so I know it's you Knock on the two so I know it's you Please We are the midnight marauders, oh We are the midnight marauders, yeah We be the midnight marauders, oh We are the midnight marauders, yeah We are the midnight marauders Midnight marauders, Placing your orders, oh
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