Fat - Dog tab

song:   Dog
Artist: Fat
Album:  Fat ('1997)
Tabber: Kenny Burgess
email: Fat105@aol.com

Thanks to Amber.  (an old FAT fan) she had a tab and took it and made
the strums.  KEEP YOUR MOUTH IN OVERDRIVE!  is her site.

e|----------------------b|---------------------- g|-----2----------2--4--d|--4--0--4-4-4---0--4--a|--4--0--4-4-4---0--2--e|--2-----2-2-2---------
Chorus------ e|--------------------b|-------------------- g|--2--2---4--4-------d|--0--0---4--4-------a|--0--0---2--2-------e|--------------------
e|---------------------b|--------------------- g|----------------4-2-- d|--4-4-4--x-x-x--4-0--a|--4-4-4--x-x-x--2-0--e|--2-2-2--x-x-x-------
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