Fats Domino – Be My Guest chords

Be My Guest
Recorded by Fats Domino
Written by Fats Domino, Tommy Boyce, John S. Marascalco
Lyrics and Chords

G CCome on baby and be my guest
G D7 Come join the party and meet the rest
G C Everything is gonna be all right
D7 GSo be my guest tonight
G CWe're gonna dance to the rock 'n' roll
G D7We're gonna even do the stroll
G C We're gonna Lindy Hop and Suzy Q
D7 G It's a special party just for you
C G My, my oh my
D7 G Gee, you're so fine
C G Don't, let me down
D7 GI'm the king but you can wear my crown
G CI'm gonna sing my band gonna play
G D7I'm gonna make you queen for a day
G CEverything is gonna be all right
D7 G So be my guest tonight
Repeat #3 & 4
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