Fats Waller – If Youre A Viper chords

Aka "The Reefer Song". Written by Stuff Smith, but this is the way Fats plays it, 
to my ear. Please post any corrections, and feel free to email them to wrybread at 
gmail dot you know what.

Sounds great on the uke too...

G Em Am7 D7Dreamed about a reefer 5 feet long
G Em Am7 D7Mighty immense, but not too strong
G G7 C F9 or CmYou'll be high but not for long
G D G D7If you're a viper
G Em Am7 D7I am the king of everything
G Em Am7 D7I've got to be high before i sing
G G7 C F9 or CmLight a tea and let it be
G D G D7If you're a viper
G7When your throat gets dry, you know you're high
CEverything is dandy
A7Truck on down to the candy store
D7Get your kicks with some peppermint candy
G Em Am7 D7Then you know your body's spent
G Em Am7 D7You don’t care if you don’t pay rent
G G7 C F9 or CmThe sky is high and so am I (aha!)
G D G D7If you're a viper
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