Faust – Lauft tab

Artist: Faust
Album: Faust IV
Song: Lauft... Heisst Das Es Lauft Oder Es Kommt Bald... Lauft

For those of you who don't know, Faust is a fantastic Krautrock band from the 70's. I am not sure but 
could be two guitars
playing this where one is doing the bass line but i might be (and probably are!) wrong. It was pretty damn 
to tab and it is
not perfect - I will try to improve it but please give it a go yourself! Basically this is a simplified 
of what they play... :)

Oh and if anyone can translate the title (there are some umlouts - " - missing) please email it to me as i 
love to know what it


Standard Tuning


5\2 Slide from 5 to 2
2/5 Slide from 2 to 5
0h2 Hammer on from 0 to 2
2p0 Pull off from 2 to 0

This is played pretty fast!

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