Fee Band - Greatly To Be Praised chords

Greatly to be praised
From "Hope Rising"

Album - Capo 5, live version - Capo 4
Verse 1 
C GLift your eyes, lift your eyes to the One
Em7 DWho's reigning over us, for He has overcome
C GFill the skies, fill the skies with a song
Em7 DAs heaven sings along, to glorify the Son
C D Em7Who is like You, none compare
C DThere's no one like our God
Chorus 1
GGreat and greatly to be praised
Em7Name above all other names
D C Powerful and strong to save
G DHallelujah, our God reigns
GOur God reigns
Verse 2
C GTell the world, tell the world of the love
Em7 DHe's lavished over us, His daughters and His sons
C GMade alive, made alive, now we’re free
Em7 DRescued and redeemed, the victory is won
Pre-Chorus Chorus 1 Chorus 2
GGlory in the highest place
Em7King of mercy, God of grace
D CTogether let the earth proclaim
G DHallelujah, our God reigns
G Our God reigns
G We lift our eyes up, behold the Son
Em7Lift our voices, and sing as one
D C G DHallelujah, our God reigns
Chad Miller http://www.freetoliveforyou.blogspot.com/
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