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Fee Band – Everything Falls tab

Tabbed by: Boonie
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Tuning: Standard

I tried to find chords for this song, but figured out that they're all wroooong. 
Here's the right way. You're welcome.

Intro (piano lick thingie)

Am F C Ge|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------|G|-5-7-9--9--5-7-9--9--5-7-9--5-7-9--9--5--10--9--7--5-----------| x 2D|---------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
(VERSE 1) Am F C G Am You said you'd never leave or forsake me F C G Am When you said this life is gonna shake me F C G F You said this world is gonna bring trouble on my soul G This I know (CHORUS) N.C. Am F C When everything falls apart, your arms hold me together G Am F C When everything falls apart, you're the only hope for this heart G Am F C When everything falls apart and my strength is gone G F G I find you mighty and strong, you keep holding on, you keep holding on [Am F C G] x2 (VERSE 2 [same pattern as the first]) Am F C G When I see the darkness all around me When I see the tragedy has found me I still believe your faithful arms will never let me go And I still know [CHORUS] (BRIDGE) F G Am Sorrow will last for the night F G But hope is rising with the sun, rising with the sun F G Am There will be storms in this life F G But I know you have overcome, you have overcome [CHORUS] x2 Then play the intro again as an outro.
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