Fee Band - Faithful chords

From "We Shine"

The only submitted chord chart for this was incorrect, so here you go!

Album - Capo 1
C F G FYou were before time and You'll be when it ends
C/E F G FYou have no beginning and no end
C F G FYour word shall endure without change it is sure
C/E F G FOn your promises we will stand secure
Chorus 1
C Am DmFaithful, You are ever faithful. You are ever faithful
F C GTo us God
Verse 2:
C F G F/AYour might, You display in the skies everyday
C/E F G F/AEverything You created for Your praise
C F G F/AFrom the cross on the earth to Your throne You returned
C/E F Where You reign over all creation
G F/A Never changed, You are never shaken
Chorus 1 Chorus 2
C AmPowerful, You are crowned all powerful
Dm F CAll the world will bow before You oh God
C/EYou're the song of our soul's salvation
FLife that cannot be shaken
DmSolid rock, a firm foundation
C FNever changed, You are never shaken
Chad Miller http://www.freetoliveforyou.blogspot.com/
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