Feeder - Emily tab

Band : Feeder
Track : Emily
Album: Picture of Perfect Youth

im not sure if this is 100% correct but i tried my best

Verse:e-16-16-16/14-14-14-14-14/11-11-11/999/77-|b-----------------------------------------|g-----------------------------------------|d-----------------------------------------|a-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------| Please note; I Am Not 100%
There Is A Second Guitar Playing Sure About The Rythm, ListenIn This Bit, But I Can't Make It Out To The CD...Chorus:e----------------------|b----------------------|g -----666666----------|d-222--666666-66/77777-|a-222--444444-66/77777-|E-000---------44/55555-| x2
Chorus End/Bridge
e-------------------|b-------------------|g-------------------|d-44444444/33333333-|a-44444444/33333333-|E-22222222/55555555-| For The Bridge, Play This Twice
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