Under The Weather chords with lyrics by Feeder - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Feeder – Under The Weather chords

E AI've got a pain in my sick brain
B ATwo red eyes and broken veins
E AI've got a hand inside my head
B AA chainsaw cutting through my bed
E AI wish that I was still fifteen
B ADebbie Harry and Steve McQueen
E BI found the angel in my dream
A BSucked her dry and I cut her wing
B AL.A. food store cabinet
E AGet up, shut up
B AGive me neurofen plus
E A BShut up, it hurts
AFeel I've been hit by a bus
E AGet up, shut up
B AYou know you don't understand
E A B AI'm feeling under the weather
Same idea for the second verse Repeat chorus
C D BI don't know why I do this time and time again
C D BCause all my drowning sorrows became my friends
Get out, just shut up, get out, yeah, shut up Then its just the same E A B A idea repeated till the end
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