Feeder – Morning Life tab

B     G     A
B     G     E

Repeat 2x

A new day has begun
G                         A
And taken us now
Morning life is here
G                                  E
Touch, sight and sound

G    B     A

G                 B               A
But you feel nothing is real
G                                   B                 A
Your flesh and bone, But nothing is real

G  D  A  E

G    D  A                        E             G  D
Today, this could be the only day
A                              E
Cant let the moment get away
G    D  A                        E             G  D
Cause this could be the only way
A                E
So call on , call on me,

Middle: Not sure i dont actually think there's any guitars playin just a sampler.

Not 100% but close enough

End by pickin G D and A Chords intro/verse pre-chorus chorus intro/verse pre-chorus chorus middle solo chorus Rest of lyrics Verse2: Tempers of the world Dragging you down The Chemistry of life The touch of a hand Middle bit: Your fading out, dont fade, your coming back Your fading out, dont fade, your coming back Your fading out, dont fade, your coming back Your fading out, dont fade Your coming back Well there you go any corrections please let me know theworldiscontraband@hotmail.com Cheers Chris
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