Feelers – Anniversary tab


The Feelers - Anniversary
Transcripted by Guido Botindari

A 	Asus (repeats a few times)

	A			Asus
You seem so nervous and so natural to me
	A			Asus
As a major operator you know what say
	A			Asus
You suck me in then spit me out I dont wanna play
	A			Asus
You made a promise broke it on the same day

[Pre Chorus]
	Bm				C#m
When you told me what you wanted and I wanted you
	Bm				C#m
You said you needed help and I wanted to
	Bm				C#m
But I couldnt take this broken anniversary	
	Bm		E		
I made the same mistake on the very same 

F#m	E	A
F#m	E	A
yeah the same day
	D		E
It was a good day and a bad day
	F#m		A
It was good friday then the weekend
	Asus		E
And if its anything worth saying
		A	Asus
Its bring on the weekend
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