Feelies – Original Love tab

Artsit: The Feelies
Title: Original Love
Album: Crazy Rhythms

This is the first tab I've fully worked out.
I know it's not 100% accurate but it is 
hopefully playable.

Dm:	xx0231
Asus:	x00230
Dsus:	xx0233
Am:	x02210
Am7:	x02010
G:	320001
C:	x32010


Dm	Dsus	Asus	Dm

   Dm                 Dsus               Asus               Dm
Am Am7 G
Riff*:(Listen to song to get rhythm) Dm Asus Dm Dsus Dm Asus Dm Asus Dm Dsus Dm Asus Am Am7 Am G Verse 1 (play above riff* during verse): Dm You said no commitment Am When I asked you for a compromise G Just a compromise Dm Now I don't know why I ask you Am It's always such a problem G Why make it a problem Chorus: Am C G Am You must be waiting for things to happen C G Am Expecting something to happen C G Am C G But nothing ever happens
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