Feeling – Anyone tab

the strumming is different depending on the part of the song, it's like this:

d=downward strum              Verse=[bd-udu]   (one bar)
u=upward strum                Chorus=[dddddddd] (one bar)
b=bass note on its own

Intro: Em, Am7, Dsus4, Dsus4   (one bar each)

Em                     Am7       Dsus2       Dsus2
Where the hell did you get that smile
Em                     Am7       Dsus2       Dsus2
I haven't seen one of them in a while
Em                         Am7
Cos these days, I'm such a boy,
          Dsus2                    Dsus2                     
I mope around, Like I seen it all before,
                   Em                Am7         Dsus4
but something has changed, I used to be an open heart
What have you done to me

                     Am         Em            D
It could have been anyone, it could have been anyone
G                    Am         Em            D             
It could have been anyone, it could have been anyone
Am            G           C      Em         D       D/E         D/Fsharp
But it wasn't you and it wasn't him, it was me who felt like a fool right then.
       Am                    Em
And I won't be the only one
D                         G
It could have been anyone, yes it could
Yeah, Yeah

verse 2:
Em                    Am7      Dsus2         Dsus2
When the hell did you get so wise
Em                    Am7      Dsus2          Dsus2
Foiled again by attempts to disguise
        Em                Am7
Do you recall the day we kissed
          Dsus2                   Dsus2
Upon the coast, surrounded by the mist
                Em             Am7
I gave you my world, to tear apart
         Dsus2                Dsus2
Another fool, another broken heart


middle:D, F, C, C,
       D, F, C, C,  
       C, C, D, D, 
       Am,Am,D, D, 


end on Am
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