Fefe Dobson – Revolution Song tab

The Revolution Song--Fefe Dobson

THE STRUM ON THIS SONG IS HARD TO TELL FROM THE CD BUT I USE THIS STRUM DOWN UP UP DOWN UPDOWN UP(play once then on the second time around, start singing)In my dreams i break the chains that hold this place togetherBut in my dream the consequences would be so much betterThan they are....e|-3------3------3--2-----2-----2--0------0----0--2-----2-----|B|---3-------3--------3-----3---------3-----3-------3-----3---|G|-----0-------0--------0-----0---------0----0--------0-----0-|D|------------------------------------------------------------| 3xA|------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------|
C Cause beyond the walls the cold is near F A The Skies that stretch across the atmosphere C D7 Oh A revolution is near Chorus: (strum down 2 times for each chord then switch and also for the last 2 chords on the first verse; C and D7) G C On and on and on and on Em C(1x) D7(1x) 2x on and on and on, on and on and on G Gmaj7 C C In my room i hear the echos of a recent battle G Gmaj7 C Lost and wounded as the faded cries begin to settle C For the night C But the words you use to hurt me now F A Only seem to make me strong somehow C D7 Ohoh A revolution is now G C On and on and on and on Em C(1x) D7(1x) 4x on and on and on, on and on and on G ( just stroke down ) A7 And the days will get warmer (this funky C chord)>>>030013 and i'll lay down my armor G (strike 1x) D(strike 1x) Yeah Together we can fight this feeling G (just stroke down)A7 And the demons that stalk us funky C chord>>>030013 Will eventually turn to dust G(strike 1x) D(strike 1x) Yeah together we can start this healing (no strings) Oh Oh yay ye yay ye yay ye yay ye ya
(then you do this picking thing) C Am|---------------------0------0--0--0h2-||---------------------1------1---------||-----2h4--po4-po3--0-0------2---------||----0----------------2---2--2-----0---||------------------3--3--0---0--3------||---3-----------------x------x---------|
The play the chorus 4 more times then do the picking thing again only end it with a G. THEN YOU ARE FINISHED! h--hammer po-pull off
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