Felicity – This Is Life tab

intro: G , A , G , A
VERSE1: A , E , Bm , E , A, D, A, Bm , E, A,
cHOURS: D, A , E , A , D, A , E , Bm , E , A,
Picked break : G, A
Verse 2 :(same as 1)
Chours: (Same)


1. im not gonna wait,For the world to turn my way.
if i'm gonna learn im gonna have to make my own mistakes
every day im gonna reach for the sky
if i crash and burn somewhere along the way at least i know i tried.

Chours: This is life
we are passengers on this ride
dont ever let a chance go by
get on boared let it take you high
this is life
you have to take a risk and hold on tight there will be
no hand out on this ride this is life

2. when darkness falls shadows casr there douts on me
the light to see has taken sight away from what i need.
so i pray
and everything is clearer than the morning, i wake up and then realise
im still a live after the falling.

(chours 3times)

This is life
Album: New shadow
2001 www.felicitys.com.au
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