Fenech-soler – Lies chords

Saw a cover of this song on youtube by the 'Special Ks', so all credit goes to them I've 
just wrote down what they play.
Here is what the guy on the right plays. The strumming pattern is: UUDU and then he palm 
mutes and repeats for the next chord.
The video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC73ulQ0CtI

The song only really comprises of three chords played over and over again for the verses 
and chorus, sounds about right to me;

.Standard Tuning
.No capo

(F) (G) (D/G#)e|----1------------3------------5----------------|B|----1------------3------------6----------------|G|----2------------4------------7----------------|D|----3------------5------------7----------------|A|----3------------5------------5----------------|E|----1------------3------------5----------------|
The first and second chord is played for one measure while the third is played for 2 measures.
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