Ferras – Rush chords

Intro: F#m7 Dsus A E Esus
F#m7 Dsus A E I kissed your sweet lips
F#m7 Dsus A EI floated so high
F#m7 Dsus A EYour eyes looked at mine Dsus D
And the world froze in time (Repeat for the rest of vs 1 and all of vs 2 same progression)
Chorus A D E Its a rush I cant expain A D
Like you shot something crazy F#m7 Esus
Into my veins A D EsusAnd I'm ten feet off the ground
Dsus F#m7 EsusI dont wanna come down (to intro)
A2 Dsus7Well is it me or is everything spinning A2 Dsus7
I'm wide awake and I must be dreaming A2 E Esus E It's like you're some kind of drug
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