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Ferry Bryan – All I Want Is You tab

			    ALL I WANT IS YOU - U2
Tabbed by:  jo

tuning:  standard

listen for the strumming pattern - its easy :)

A           Asus4
you say you want

A	                    Asus4
diamonds on a ring of gold

A           Asus4
you say you want

A                    Asus4
your story to remain untold

F#m                  D
all the promises we make

F#m                     D
from the cradle to the grave

A           Asus4          
when all i want is you...

A - A5 - A - A5 - A - D - Dsus2 - D    x 2

this part looks something like this:

then back to verse - the rest of the song follows the same pattern.
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