Fiction Family – War In My Blood tab

Fiction Family
War In My Blood
Fiction Family -- 2009

Capo 2 
* = Stars represent single notes (not chords)

Tuning - Standard (E A D G B e)
*Chords are listed at end of song

Riff 1 e|--------------------------------------------|B|----1-----1---------1----1-----1---------1--|G|------------0---0h2--------------0---0h2----|D|------0h3------------------0h3--------------|A|--3-----------3--------3-----------3--------|E|--------------------------------------------|
Intro Riff 1 - 2x
Verse 1 I got a girl she taste like rain on my tongue e|-----0--------------------------------------|B|-----------1-------------3----5----3-----R--|G|-----------------------------------------I--|D|--3-----3----3------5------5-----5---5---F--|A|-----------------------------------------F--|E|-----------------------------------------1--|
She’s got the moon in her hips and her eyes burn up like the sune|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------1-------1--------------------3----5-----3-----R-------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------I-------|D|---------3-------3------3------------5------5-----5-----5--F-------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------F--3-2--|E|-----------------------------------------------------------1--|----|
|Lead into Chorus 1 |Chorus 1 Am Em F C I'm gone from my girl when I leave her alone F C G G7(no3) There ain’t nothing that I’m running from F G There’s war in my blood F G A* B* Riff 1 I still got wars to be won Verse 2 - Same as Verse 1 My baby’s soft and sweet Somewhere between a flower and a gun And where my girl is now Someday that's where I want to be from Chorus 2 - Same as Chorus 1 But love is a dollar that's already spent Love is a song that we've sung There's war in my blood Love ain't the tune in my lungs
Bridge So here's my consolation, the opponent is enoughe|------0--------------------1-----------------------0--|B|------0--------------------1------1----------------1--|G|------1--------------------2------0----------------2--|D|------2--------------------3------2----------------2--|A|--3-2-2--------------------3------3----------------0--|E|------0--------------------1--------------------------|
It takes two to go to war, and only one to fall in lovee|--0------------------------1-------------3-------------------|B|--0------------------------1-------------0----------------R--|G|--1------------------------2-------------0----------------I--|D|--2------------------------3-------------0----------------F--|A|--2------------------------3-------------2-------0---2----F--|E|--0------------------------1-------------3-------------------|
Verse 3 - Same as Verse 1 & 2 I had a girl I know precisely what made her run Skin was like the sky Made my heart beat itself like a drum Chorus 3 Am Em I long for my girl F C When I meet her in my dreams F C Em E I tell her she'll always be my only one ew ew ewww F G But there's war in my blood F G A* B* Riff 1 There ain't a thing love could have done Outro F G There's war in my blood F G There's war in my blood F G There's war in my blood F G A* B* Riff 1 There's war in my blo-uh-uh-od
*Chords Used Am Em F C G G7(no3) E e|--0---0---1-----3-----------0--|B|--1---0---1--1--0----3------0--|G|--2---0---2--0--0----0------1--|D|--2---2---3--2--0----3------2--|A|--0---2---3--3--2----x------2--|E|------0---1-----3----3------0--|
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