Fiddler's Green – Stay By My Side tab

Stay By My Side - Fiddler's Green
Tabbed by Toni Bihler, 2005

Standart Tuning EADGHE

Chords:	F#m  : 244222
		A    : 577655
		Hm   : x24432
		H5   : x244xx
		Esus4: 079977
		Dsus4: x57755 or XX0230
		D5   : x577xx
		C#5  : x466xx


F#m        A
Stay by my side
Esus4		 Dsus4	 Esus4
 And help me through the night
    F#m		 A	Esus4   Dsus4   Esus4
The wind's blowing cold
F#m        A
Stay by my side
Esus4		 Dsus4   Esus4
 Lock out the world tonight
        F#m          A
There's just you and me
   Esus4 (n.c.)	Dsus4 Esus4
So please become reality


F#m        		   A
Sometimes you feel a stabbing pain
	Hm			 Dsus4   Esus4
Which tells your wicked rambling brain
     F#m         A	Hm   Dsus4   Esus4
That you're all alone
    F#m      	     A
The lights go out all voices die
	 Hm			 Dsus4   Esus4
You're small and fragile but you try
   F#m 	     A	Hm
To roll back the stone


(violin plays same two octaves higher) D (let ring)e|------------0-------| repeat three timesH|------------3-------| (once before eachG|-2-2-1------2-------| line of the bridge)D|-0-----2-0~~~-------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------| could...
D F#m So could you be a place D F#m A place for me and all these days D F#m When all that I know H5 C#5 D5 A Is that I want you to stay repeat CHORUS F#m A You're still a dream of hope to me Hm Dsus4 Esus4 An angel of my fantasy F#m A Hm Dsus4 Esus4 I want you to be real F#m A So give me shelter keep me warm Hm Dsus4 Esus4 Find me a highway through the storm F#m A I want to go home repeat BRIDGE repeat CHORUS SOLO (I'll tab that later:-) INTERLUDE:
C#5 D5 E5 F#5 C#5 D5 E5 Ae|-----------------------------------------------------------------|H|-----------------------------------------------------10----------|G|-6--7--9-------11-------------------6--7--9--------9-------------|D|-6--7--9-------11-------------------6--7--9--7/9-7~~~------------|A|-4--5--7--/12-9~~~------------------4--5--7----------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
...God speed you to love God speed C#5 D5 E5 F#5 H5 C#5 D5 A5e|----------------------------------------------------------------|H|----------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------6--7--9-------11---------------4----6---7---6------------|D|-------6--7--9-------11---------------4----6---7---7--7---------|A|-------4--5--7--/12-9~~~--------------2----4---5---7--7---------|E|---------------------------------------------------5--5---------| you to love Uh, yeah, I want you to stay-ay*...Singer: E|--5---4---- *note: here the singer sings first an A-Note, then a G#-note,the guitar plays an A-note on both beats Any comments, corrections, qurestions arewelcome; just eMail to:
Have Fun!
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