Field Report – Evergreen chords

Artist: Field Report
Song: Evergreen
Album: Field Report

Tuning Half-Step Down

Hey guys, first of all, good to see you also found this great band and enjoy their 
stuff like i do. I was desperately searching for some tabs of the band, but 
without success... so i tried to get "Evergreen" together myself. Thought i share 
it as a rough scetch, maybe i can motivate a really talented tabber to create a 
good version of this for us, even if caused by the anger about this amateur-ish 
attempt hehe. Feel free to just copy/paste this formatting and use it as a base, 
should save you some mins. :)

C6    (x|0|2|0|1|0)
Bsus2 (2|2|4|4|2|2)
Am    (0|0|2|2|1|0)
G     (3|2|0|0|3|3)
F     (1|3|3|2|1|1)
C/G   (3|3|2|0|1|0)

C6 Bsus2 Am G F We did a lot in the name of preservation
C6 Bsus2 Am G F holding hearts in hooks for hands after the accident
C6 Bsus2 Am G F metal on skin, cool to the touch in the absence
C6 Bsus2 Am G F phantom sinews flashing undetected dots and dashes
G C/G F Am G F G I wasn't sure if you were ready to be bold
G C/G F Am G F G FI wasn't sure if you were ready to be bold
C6 Bsus2 Am G FLet's regrow your hair and I will cut mine closecropped to the skull
C6 Bsus2 Am G Fwe'll keep the ones turned grey by the blindwhite blast of a bitter cold
C6 Bsus2 Am G Fas a badge to bad winter of a long year that really took hold
C6 Bsus2 Am G Fhad to cut away the parts the claws would not release, then we kept going
G C/G F Am G F Gyou and me we are not evergreen
G C/G F Am G F G Fyou and me we were not built to be
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