Fiona Apple – Fast As You Can tab

Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can
Tabbed by Shane Hagan (
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standard tab notation... "x" means mute or don't play that string, "\" means slide 
top line is the highest sounding string (high E), and bottom line is lowest sounding (low E)

(A) intro:  essentially just E7 to F, but here is the exact voicing for the two chords:

e:---0------0 \b:---0------0 \g:---1------2 \d:---0------3 \a:---2------3 \e:---0------1 \
(B) Pre-chorus "you say you don't spook easy..."
e:---0------0------3------7------0-----0-----0-----0 \b:---0------0------3------7------0-----0-----0-----0 \g:---1------2------4------8------0-----0-----0-----0 \d:---0------3------3------7------5-----5-----5-----5 \a:---2------3------5------9------7-----6-----5-----4 \e:---0------1------3------7------0-----0-----0-----0 \
(C) Chorus "fast as you can baby..."
e:---x-------x-------x-------x------x-------x-----x-- \b:---x-------x-------x-------x------x-------x-----x-- \g:---x-------x-------x-------x------x-------x-----8-- \d:--10------13------12------11-----10-------8-----8-- \a:---7------10-------9-------8------7-------7-----7-- \e:---8------11------10-------9------8-------8-----8-- \
repeat (A), (B), and (C)... then... (D) Bridge "sometimes my mind..." G - F - Cmaj7 -- G - F - Am7 -- G - F - Am7 - Em - G -- G/F -- G - G/F - Cmaj7 -- G - - Am7 -- G - G/F - Am7 - Em - G - G/F - Em* - Ebmaj7 (chords are all tabbed out below)
G: F: Cmaj7: Am7: Em: G/F: Em*: Ebmaj7:e:---3-----1-----0----------0--------0----------3----------7---------------x \b:---3-----1-----0----------1--------0----------0----------8---------------8 \g:---4-----2-----0----------0--------0----------0----------9---------------7 \d:---5-----3-----2----------2--------2----------3----------9---------------8 \a:---5-----3-----3----------0--------2----------x----------7---------------6 \e:---3-----1-----x----------x--------0----------1----------x---------------x \
then (A), (B), then (C) for a couple times, then vamp on (A) as an outro (w/ optional solo on top)... Enjoy, fellow guitarists! :D ~Shane
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