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From: "Dan Newcombe"  
Date:         27 Sep 93 08:45:11 EDT
Subject:      TAB: _Credo_ by Fish
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Credo by Fish from the album Internal Exile

This song, much like Shadowplay, also has a LOT of keyboard parts which make it
sound like there is more going on than their is.  The guitar part is actually
rather simple.  Since there is really not all tha much to the song, I just put
in the tabs of the different licks.  Listen to the song to hear where they go.
Sorry about the solo...

                            -Dan Newcombe,

The song starts on, and is mainly made up of the guitar playing a Bb.
This changes during the chorus, and the  "It don't mean nothing..." parts.
Otherwise, it's pretty much Bb.  (This is not including the various
background notes during the verses.)

The little lick each time after Fish sings "Credo..." is-1----------------|---4--3---4-3-1---|----------------3-|------------------|------------------|------------------|
During the part where he starts singing "It don't mean nothing" the main chordchanges from Bb to Eb, and the lick played there is:--6-5-6--3/5-6-5-6----13--11--10--11--13---13--11--10--11--13---|----------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------|
Sorry, I don't really do solos for two reasons: 1) I prefer to improvise and 2) I really suck at figuring them out, they move too fast for me to hear and figure out at the same time. Any hints on how to get a CD player to play at half speed would be warmly accepted.
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