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From: "Dan Newcombe"  
Date:         27 Sep 93 08:46:08 EDT
Subject:      TAB: _Shadowplay_ by Fish
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"Shadowplay" by Fish from the album Internal Exile, live version appears on
For Whom the Bells Toll.

I know that this is not 100% correct, but I it should be a good kick in the
right direction. Listening to the recording should be able to help you better
put it together, as all I really did we just put what chords/notes come in
where.  If ya want a really nice looking one, send me lots of money :)

                -Dan Newcombe
        (among others)

(Keyboard Intro)
(Guitar comes in - these are the chords - the recording will help. :)
I am not entirely sure about these, as there is a lot going on.

Bb   F   Bb    C    G

Intro ends on a...

(First verse has no instruments, just Fish.)

Chorus (just alternates between these two chords.):
A   E

(Main riff played during the rest of the verses and the chords that follow the riff each time.).e-|-------------------------------10-10\-|------------------------------------|B-|-------------------------------10-10\-|------------------------------------|G-|--------------------------------------|------------------------------------|D-|--------------------------------------|--------------------------0--2--0---|A-|-----------------3--1--0--1-----------|-----------------3--1--0------------|E-|--3--5--3--5--3--------------3--------|--3--5--3--5--3-------------------3-|
Bb F Bb F G Chorus just switches between: A E Insert Verse stuff here: Chorus just switched between: (Yes, the key changes.) Bb F The break in the song where Fish just talks... Starts on a: G G Ab G (a bit before the vocals start loud again) Chorus just switches between: Repeats until almost the end. Bb F At the end it stays on a Bb, and every so often slides from a Db down to a Bb. NOTE: It sounds like there is a lot more going on. That's because there is, but most of it is on the keyboards. The live version is good to listen to, because the distinction is a lot clearer.
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