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From: "Dan Newcombe"  
Date:         27 Sep 93 08:46:56 EDT
Subject:      CRD: _Internal Exile_ by Fish
Priority:     normal
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Internal Exile by Fish, from the album Internal Exile.

This song is rather easy to play, at least the guitar part.  The fiddles
whistle and accordian make it sound tough.  Listen to the album for the

                    -Dan Newcombe,

The chords used are:

G   C   B   A
||||||  ||||||  ||||||  ||||||
320033  x32010  x20010  x02220
||||||  ||||||  ||||||  ||||||


G           C       G
I saw a blue umbrella in Princes Street Gardens,

C       B        A   G
Heading out west for the Lothian Road.

G           C       G
An Evening News stuffed deep in his pocket,

C         B        A         G
Wrapped up in his problems, to keep away the cold.

G         C      G
Grierson's spirit haunts the dockyards,

C       B             A           G
Where the only men working are on documentary crews,

G            C      G
Shooting film as the lines get longer,

C        B        A        G
As the seams run out, all the oil runs dry.

G         C    G        G                     A     G
Hey there laddie, Internal Exile!   When will you realise, we got to let go?

G         C    G        G                 A     G
Hey there lassie, Internal Exile!   When will you realise, we got to let go?

G  C  G   G     A  G

G            C    G
Starlings wheeling round Georgian spire,

C        B               A        G
And the fires of Grangemouth burn the skies

G          C        G
A lion sleeps in a tenemant close,

C          B        A     G
In a country that's tired and deaf to his roar.


Same chords, just picked:

G             C       G
They bury a wasteland deep in the wildernes,

C      B        A        G
Poison the soil and reap the harvest,

G              C    G
of blind indifference, greed and apathy,

C         B      A      G
Sowed way back in our history.

G            C        G
The fish are few and the harbours are empty,

C             B          A           G
The kells now rot on our oil slicked shores.

G           C   G
The sheep are gone, the farms deserted,

C            B              A       G
We're out of sight and we're out of mind.


G                  C        G
Like our fathers before us,  We've eyes for america,

C              B    A   G
Dream of a new life on foreign shores.

G             C      G
But wherever we go, we'll always know

C         B       A         G
that the land we stand on, is never our own.


We gotta go now, ....

(Faster part)
G   C B     G     C B

G C G A  G

--Daniel A. Newcombe Clayton State CollegeComputing Services Morrow, GA 30260E-Mail Address: (404)-961-3421---------=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=---=- I just want to be free - I'm happy to be lonely. Marillion, Misplaced Childhood
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