Flaming Lips - Turn It On chords version 1

The other guy didn't know the lyrics, so after 2sec of searching google, here is 
-Love Pierce
Sounds good with capo on 2, and timing is easy

Intro: D A G D


D APut your face up to the window
G DTell me all about your "gay folks"
D AIt feels better when you in it
G DIf your nervous use the pay phone
Instrumental: D A G D Verse:
D APut your face where we can see it
G DPut it on a show on cable
D AYou can really show it all there
G DTurn it on when you are able
GTurn it on
DTurn it on and all the way up
GTurn it on
DIn your houses when you wake up
GTurn it on
DWhen you ain't got no relation
A (Hold)To all those other stations
DTurn it on
D APut your life into a bubble
G DWe can pick you up on radar
D A"hit " a satelite with feeling
G DGive the people what they paid for
[Chorus 4x] Drug Ending:
D A G D till end. (I'm a bit fuzzy on this part.0
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