Flamingos – Lovers Never Say Goodbye tab

Lovers Never Say Goodbye by The Flamingos 

I figured this out when I was messing around at my grandparents' house. VERY EASY So here it is.
                      G                 D                 G
      Please wait for me, for i shall return. My love for you, will forever 
        D     B7             D7                       G              D
      burn, though we must part there's no reason to cry, just say 'so long'
               G                             G                  D
      because lovers never say goodbye.I love you my darling, more than  
                        G                        D               D7
       life itself, i wouldn't try to hurt you, for i'd only be hurting 
       G then open strum G                               D
       myself, just kiss me dear, and hold me tight, for you know this is
                 D         G              D      G                   D
       not our last night,though we must part, there's no reason to cry,
        G          D        D                       G        G
       just say 'so long', because lovers never say goodbye. Never say 
        D        D
       goodbye, goodbye.
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