Flatt And Scruggs – Your Love Is Like A Flower chords

G CIt was long long ago in the moonlight
G D7We were sitting on the banks of the stream
G CWhen you whispered so sweetly I love you
G D7 GAnd the waters murmured a tune
COh they tell me you love is like a flower
G D7In the spring time blossom so fair
G CIn the fall when it withers away dear
G D7 GAnd they tell me that's the way of your love
CI remember the night little darling
G D7We were talking of days gone by
G CWhen you told me you always would love me
G D7 GThat your love for me would never die
Repeat #2
CIt was spring when you whispered these words dear
G D7The flowers were all blooming so fair
G CBut today as the snow falls around us
G D7 GI can see that your love is not there
Repeat #2
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