Fleet Foxes - Innocent Son chords

Pretty much similar to the other chords that are on here for this song, but slightly 
tweaked the lyrics as I saw fit, and matched the chords per line for the entire song, not 
just the first verse.

Ayou left me there
GWaiting at the bottom of the stairs
with my eyes closed
A EmHolding my right hand in my left
G Dthere is no time for
A Ehesitation now
G Dyou come or go
Aor go
Arustlin' leaves
Gfalling beside me on a ghost
of a morning
A Emriding in sorrow to the harbor
G DFar behind o' me
A Ethe bodies of my friends
G Dhanging alone
Aalone again
ASome twisted form
Gtells me you saw me in the night
with another
A Emkeep all my promises to break them
G DI am no--oh, no
A Einnocent son
Gyou run, rabbit, run
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