Flickerstick - Talk Show Host tab

Flickerstick - Talk Show Host
Tabbed By: jordan
EMail: punkrockrlz@yahoo.com

I got all these tabs from the flickerstick fans website

Standard tuning

Pedals most likely in use: Flanger, Distortion, Tremolo/Vibrato,
  possibly a Volume pedal

Intro and chorus:

E--------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------|D--7-7-7-7-7--4/5-5-5-x-5-x-5-x-5------------|A--7-7-7-7-7--4/5-5-5-x-5-x-5-x-5------------|E--5-5-5-5-5--2/3-3-3-x-3-x-3-x-3------------|..Leave the intro undistorted, but then when the drums come inhave the distortion on.
This little part is also played during the intro and chorus: (i think it's right)
E--------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------|G--14--11--13--10p8--------------------|D--------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------|...have the Tremolo and Vibrato on all the time and when the first guitar gets distorted hit the Volume
The above is played 4 times. In the intro, it's played5 times with a slight variation the 5th time:E--------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------|G--14--11/13---------------------------|D--------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------|
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