Flickerstick – Beautiful chords

Chords to Beautiful by Flickerstick!
*all bar chords meant for easy play through*

G A BYou could be the devil in my bed
G A BYou could be the angel in my head
G A BYou could be the voices that I hear
G A I'm signing along because it sounds
B just like you're near
D'Cause you're so beautiful
C GYou're so beautiful today
EYou're so beautiful
D CBeautiful in every little way
/B Cause when you're coming around
AI'm off of the ground
G E I've gotta say, you're so beautiful
D CYou're beautiful today
G A BI could be the drug you can't resist
G A BI could be the antidote you missed
G A BI could be the love you hate to fear
G AYou're filling the hole inside your heart
Bwith feeling near to me
Chorus 2X
Emaj-F# BCan we make it through
A GTogether we've got to fly
B A G'Cause when you're coming around I got to fly-ah-ah
B A GDon't you know I got to fly
G AAnd I know
BAnd I feel
G That I could learn to hate just like you
AAnd I know
BAnd I feel
C E D That you could learn to love just like me
(repeat above 6 lines) (repeat chorus w/ above 3 lines in background)
Em-F# B G ECan we make it through together
G-A-BI've got to fly
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