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Flight Of The Conchords – Mutha Uckas tab

This song is very basic, guitar only during intro and choruses but always the
same, save for a small outro bit
Chorus and intro:
rhythm may vary a bit, but i tried to make the best of it in tab version

Am C F Ee-------------|------------|------------|------------|B--5555-5-5-5-|-5555-5-5-5-|-6666-6-6-6-|-5555-5-5-5-|G--5555-5-5-5-|-5555-5-5-5-|-5555-5-5-5-|-4444-4-4-4-|D--7777-7-7-7-|-5555-5-5-5-|-7777-7-7-7-|-6666-6-6-6-|A-------------|------------|------------|------------|E-------------|------------|------------|------------|
the verses have a somewhat synthesized bass (i think its a bass)its basically just these octaves with improv. if you want to add guitar:e--------------|--------------|B--------------|--------------|G--------------|--------------|D---5-7----5---|---3-3-----2--|A------------5-|-------------3|E--5-----33----|-1-------00---| (repeat)
e-------------|------------|---------------------------------------------|B--5555-5-5-5-|-5555-5-5-5-|-----------------------5555----5555--------5\|G--5555-5-5-5-|-5555-5-5-5-|-----------------------5555----4444--------5\|D--7777-7-7-7-|-5555-5-5-5-|-----------------------5555----6666--------7\|A-------------|------------|---------------------------------------------|E-------------|------------|---------------------------------------------| everybody come on too many mutha'uckas 'uckin with my 'hit
the C is played with "mutha'uckas" the F is played with "'uckin with my" and the Am played on "'hit" and slides out the rhythm basically aligns with the syllables Intro (x3) - bass in on 3rd time Chorus (x2) Verse (x3) - bass only. after the 3rd time it sits on F and E weirdly for 4 bars. Chorus (x2) Verse (x3) and 4th again w/ F and E Chrous (x1) Outro
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