Flight Of The Conchords – Robots chords

                  Robots – Flight of the Conchords chords

Note: The F and G chords in this song are Barre chords! All other chords are standard chords.

Intro: Chords Used are Am and C

A string: 7th fret and slide all the way down and off the string and go onto an Am. Then 
but go onto a C chord. Repeat this 5 times and then last time carry on the Am into the verse.

Verse: Chords used are Am

Am, strum chord hard and then palm mute. Repeat several times. End on Am and let it ring 
on: “Finally robotic beings rule the world”


AmThe humans are dead.
DmThe humans are dead.
CWe used poisonous gases,
DmAnd we poisoned their asses.
AmThe humans are dead. (The humans are dead.)
DmThe humans are dead.(They look like they're dead.)
CIt had to be done, (I'll just confirm that they're dead.)
AmSo that we could have fun. (Affirmative, I poked one, it was dead.)
F GTheir system of oppression, (What did it lead to?)
F CGlobal robo-depression. (Robots ruled by people.)
F GThey had so much aggression that we just had to kill them,
F EHad to shut their systems down.
Verse 2: Am – only palm muted. Repeat Bridge chords Middle 8:
Dm Gcan't we just talk to the humans
C Fand a little understanding could make things better
Dm ECan't we just talk to the humans and work together? - No, because they are dead.
Repeat Second Half of chorus Binary Solo
Repeat Twice. Boogie! – Repetition of the 4 chords below!
Am DmBoogie, boogie, (The humans are...)
C AmBoogie, Robo boogie. (The humans are...)
Boogie, boogie, (Robo boogie) Boogie, Robo boogie. Boogie, boogie, (The humans are...) Boogie, Robo Boogie Boogie, boogie, (The humans are...) Boogie, Robo Boogie The humans are dead. Once again, without emotion, the humans are dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, doooo.
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