Flo Rida – Low tab

			     Low- Flo Rida- Travis Barker Remix
Tabbed by: Kennedys1
Email: kennedys1@unk.edu

This is Travis Barkers version of Low by Flo Rida. It’s a fun song to break out 
in the middle of a set every now and then. This is my first tab, an easy one 
but my first none the less. Please post any corrections you may have and please rate!!

Tuning: All guitars down half a step.

-Intro riff “Let me talk to 'em” e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------------------|D|------9-9-----9-9--| 4xA|--7-7-----7-7------|E|-------------------|
-Verse & Chorus main riffe|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|---------------------|D|------9-9-7-7-5-7-4--| How every many times the song calls for it.A|--7-7----------------|E|---------------------|
-Verse & Choruse|---------------|B|---------------|G|---------------|D|--2----5----7--| I didn’t put how many times to strum these chords,A|--2----5----7--| you can do that yourself. Palm mute during the verse E|--0----3----5--| when the chorus comes around strum them out.
- And that’s it! Pretty simple and fun to play! Post any corrections! | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ============================================================================
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