Flo Rida - Good Feeling tab version 1

An easy way to play the acoustic guitar rhythm to "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida.
This is my first tab ever.
Figured this out by ear by just playing around with it.
Listen to the song to get the rhythm down.
Regular tuning.

X=Palm Mute

This may seem confusing at first for beginners, but it's easy if you just keep your 
fingers on all three frets of the bar chord.
Palm muting is optional, but it makes it sound much better in my opinion.

First oneE-----------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------|G-66----9-----------2---------------------------------------------|D-66x--999x---9----222x-------------------------------------------|A-44x--7-7x--999x--0-0x-------------------------------------------|E------------7-7x-------------------------------------------------|
Every riff after thatE-----------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------|G--6----9-----------2---------------------------------------------|D-66x--999x---9----222x-------------------------------------------|A-4-x--7-7x--999x--0-0x-------------------------------------------|E------------7-7x-------------------------------------------------|
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