Florence Reece – Which Side Are You On Occupy Wall Street chords

Great Union Song Alternate lyrics for #occupy movement below

The same chord pattern just repeats for the whole song, you can add the chorus after 
each verse as many times as you like


Em Bm D Em

Em GCome all of you good workers
D Em/Asus2Good news to you I'll tell
Em GOf how that good old union
D EHas come in here to dwell
Em BmWhich side are you on?
D EmWhich side are you on?
Em BmWhich side are you on?
D EmWhich side are you on?
My daddy was a miner And I'm a miner's son And I'll stick with the union Till every battle's won They say in Harlan County There are no neutrals there You'll either be a union man Or a thug for J.H. Blair Oh, workers can you stand it? Oh, tell me how you can Will you be a lousy scab Or will you be a man? Don't scab for the bosses Don't listen to their lies Us poor folks haven't got a chance Unless we organize Occupy lyrics Come all you good workers And hear what the news won't tell Of how the people had enough and came to this town to dwell Chorus My daddy taught me to be a hard working man And hard working man is what i've become But greed took my job and laughed in my face So i'm staying here until the battle is won They say in new york city There are no neutrals there You'll either be an occupier Or a thug for the millionaires Oh people can you stand it Oh tell me how you can? Will you be a frightened into silence or will you be a man? They said we can't live without them Don't believe their lies Ordinary people don't have a chance Unless we organise They made us pay for their mistakes Then said we had no say The rich stayed rich and the poor got screwed No more we're here to stay!
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