Flying Burrito Brothers – Hot Burrito 1 tab ver. 2

[Bm] [Bb] [D] [E]
[D]You may be [F#m]sweet and nice
[Am]But that won't keep you [B]warm at night
[Em]'Cause I'm the one who taught you how
[Em]To do the things you're [A]doing now

[D]He may feel [F#m]all your charms
[Am]He may hold [B]in his arms
[Em]But I'm the one [A]who let you in
[G]I was right be[A]side you then

{c: Repeat from here}

[D] [Daug5] [Bm] [C]
[G]Once upon a [G#m]time
You let me [D]feel you deep in[Bm]side
and [E]nobody knew, nobody saw
do you remember the [A]way you cried

[D]I'm your toy, [F#m]I'm your old boy
[Am]And I don't want [B] no-one but you to [Em]love me
No I [A]wouldn't lie [G]You know I'm not that [A]kind of guy

[D] [F#m] [Am] [B]
[Em] [A] [G] [A]

{c: And repeat...}

{c: Finish on D}
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