Flying Burrito Brothers – Hot Burrito 1 tab

    G           Bm              Dm/F                    E
    You may be, sweet and nice, but that won't keep you warm at night
       Am          Am(+Maj7)             Am7                     D
    Cuz I'm the one, who showed you how, to do the things you're doing now
    G            Bm               Dm/F           E7
    He may feel, all your charms, he may hold you in his arms
    Am               D(7)           Am           D7             G G+4th EM G+5th
    But I'm the one, who let you in, I was right beside you then  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
                                              play the 4th and the 5th   |
                                              on the D string.
                                              Walk it up D#,E,E# then the C crd
    --------------------------------------------------------------------- |
    C             Cm               G              Em
  CH: Once upon a time, you let me feel you deep inside

        A            A7         C                    D
    and nobody knew, nobody saw, do you remember the way you cried
    G             Bm
    I'm your toy, I'm your ol' boy
    Dm/F             E7                Am
    And I don't want no one but you to love me
          D           Am         D                    G
    No, I wouldn't lie, you know I'm not that kind of guy
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