Flys - Afraid tab

Author/Artist: The Flys
Title: Afraid
Transcribed by: Chris Arnold

Use a wah-wah pedal to get the best effect.

Intro/Verses (repeat):E----------------|----------------|B--9~~--9/11~~~--|--11~~~-\-7~~~--|G----------------|----------------|D----------------|----------------|A----------------|----------------|E----------------|----------------|
Chorus [strumming NOT shown] (repeat):E--9--12--7--|B-11--12--7--|G-11--13--8--|D-11--14--9--|A--9--14--9--|E-----12--7--|
Background Thing (repeat):E-----6-------6----|B---7---7---7---7--|G-8-------8--------|D------------------|A------------------|E------------------|
There you go.====
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