Fm Static - Moment Of Truth tab

Song: Moment of Truth
Artist: Fm Static
Tuning: Standard
tabbed by belle_08

I think this is pretty much how it is played. 
The chords I wrote (check below) is much simpler than the tabs. 
They sound the same though.

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[Legend: /=slide, V=strum up]

(Chords Strumming)[listen very carefully on how it is played here]
D A Asus Bm C#mE|--2--2-2v------------2---4--4-4v-4-4v-4-4---|B|--3--3-3v--2-2-3v----3---5--5-5v-5-5v-5-5---|G|--2--2-2v--2-2-2v----4---6--6-6v-6-6v-6-6---|D|-----------2-2-2v----4---6--6-6v-6-6v-6-6---|A|---------------------2---4--4-4v-4-4v-4-4---|E|--------------------------------------------|
D A Asus Am Bm A AmE|--2--2-2v--------------2-----------------|B|--3--3-3v--2-2-3v--1---3---2---1---1-1v--|G|--2--2-2v--2-2-2v--2---4---2---2---2-2v--|D|-----------2-2-2v--2---4---2---2---2-2v--|A|-----------------------2-----------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
End of First Refrain:E|---5---5---5--5-8---------|B|----7---7---7-------------|G|-----9---9----------------|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
Last Chorus:E|-----6------6------5---5-----|--5------5------5------7-7----------|B|--6------5------4---------7--|----7------7------7--------9-9------|G|-----------------------------|------9------9------9----------11---|D|-----------------------------|------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------|------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------|------------------------------------|(repeat)
Moment of Truth Chords Intro: D-A-Bm-C#m D-A-Bm-Am Verse: D Bm Here we are, G A In the best years of our lives, D With no way of knowing, Bm When the wheel stops spinning, G A 'Cause we don't know where we're going D A And, here we are, Bm G On the best day of our lives, D And it's a go, lets make it last, Bm So cheers you all to that, G A 'Cause this moment's never coming back Refrain: D I used to know her brother, Bm But I never knew I loved her, G A 'Till the day she laid her eyes on me, D Now I'm jumpin' up and down, Bm She's the only one around, G A And she means every little thing to me. Chorus: D Bm I've got your picture in my wallet, G C#m And your phone number to call it, D And I miss you more, Bm G A Whenever I think about you D Bm I've got your mix-tape in my Walkman, G C#m Been so long since we've been talkin', D And in a few more days, Bm G A We'll both hook up, forever and ever. Verse: D F#m And here I am, G A On the west coast of America, D Bm G And I've been tryin' to think for weeks, A Of all the ways to ask you D F#m D And now I brought you to the place, A Bm Where I poured my heart out a million times, G D A For a million reasons, to offer it to you (Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) Solo: D-G-D-A D-G-Bm-A (Repeat) (Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus)
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