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Fogerty Tom – Sometimes tab

D / / / D7 / / / G / / / G

   G7    C                               G
Wo oh oh sometimes, I think the 60s were better
                    D       D7                   G
We were all bound together;   I thought that was true
G7    C                            G
And I know we can't go back, yes I know we can't go back
                     D    D7                 G
But we'd better make sure   that we never forget

Verse 1:
D                       D7              G
Every generation thinks they've got the answer
D                       D7              G
Every generation thinks they've got the news
D                        D7             G
All I ever hear is Iran, coke, and Nicaragua
D                                 D7           G
We go 'round in circles just like monkeys in a zoo


Verse 2:
I used to be against the war when I was younger
I used to carry signs that said "Love, peace today"
All the little children that I'd meet, I'd tell them
"Just take all the guns and bombs and throw them all away"


(chorus; instrumental in place of "I think the 60s...thought that was true")

(repeat chorus and fade)
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