Foo Fighters – Times Like These tab

times like these

hey people, this is from the new foos album, one by one... i really like this track


D MAJOR D7 C MAJOR A MINOR E MINOR E MINOR7/Be------2--------2---------5--------0---------0----------0----------3--------------b------3--------1---------7--------1---------1----------0----------3--------------g------2--------2----OR---5--------0---------2----------0----------0------------D------0--------0---------7--------2---------2----------2----------2-----------A-------------------------5--------3---------0----------2----------2----------E-------------------------------------------------------0--------------------
intro- play rythms on this chord. its a D7, and i think this is the correct voicing (or at least close to it)
lead guitar- this riff is repeated over and over again with the chords changing from D to C to B in the background. the chords are all power chords... and yes it is wierd timing
VERSE the verse is just chords, you can hear the timing on the cd D major, A minor, C major, E minor, D7 CHORUS same as the verse, the chorus is just chords. C major, E minor, D major C major, E minor7/B, D major hope you can figure out the song with this, its just these patterns above in different orders cheers, alistair
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