Foo Fighters - Arlandria chords version 1

C#m AAin't that the way it always starts.
E B C#m AA simple round of conversation.
E B C#m ABecame a shameful equation.
E BI flipped you station to station.
C#m A E B C#m AHey. Don't go and turn the other way.
B E C#m ADon't say there's nothin more to... say.
B EC'mon hear me out.
C#m AHush, hush, settle down.
B EButton up, don't make a sound.
C#m AShame, shame, go away.
B ECome again some other day.
C#m AYou used to say I couldn't save you enough,
E BSo I've been savin' it up, I started savin' it up.
C#m AAnd when you said I couldn't give you enough,
E B C#I started giving you up, I started giving you up.
C#m F# A B C#You are not me, Arlandria, Arlandria.
C#m F# AYou and what army, Arlandria, Arlandria?
B C# Oh, God you gotta make it stop.
Repeat for the rest of the song.
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