Foo Fighters – A New Way Home tab

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Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 15:59:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: Patrick J Manley Jr 
Subject: Foo Fighters-"A New Way Home" Tab

   This is a great song off of the new album "The Colour and the shape"
     I've seem this performed live and it's amazing.

   Foo Fighters- "A New Way Home"


(A) (quick Strumming) e-----0-0-0-0-------------------------------------------| b-----2-2-2-2-------------------------------------------| g-----2-2-2-2--(14 times)-------------------------------| X 2 d-----2-2-2-2---------------4-/-7-/-9-/-11/-12----------| a-----0-0-0-0-------------------------------------------| E---------------------------2-/-5-/-7-/-9-/-10----------|
(A) (F#) Have you found your way around, the down and out, (G) (D) (C) I know it must seem long, so long, (A) (F#) I'm still tryin' to keep this time, from runnin' out, (G) (D) (C) Head down, always moving on and on and on...... (Repeat intro) (A) (F#) I never heard this warning, another early morning, (G) (D) (C) wakes me, breaks me into..... (A) (F#) If you can manage me well, I'll try to manage you, (G) (D) (C) but lately, it's all I ever do..... CHORUS- (A) (F) (D) (G) (A)(F) I Felt like this on my way home, (D)(A) (F) (D) (G) I'm not scared, I and the kingdome.... (A)(F) I'm not scared.... BRIDGE- (A) (E) I'll never tell you these secrets I'm holding, (A) (E) (F#) (D) I know these things must bore you, I can't find another way.... (A) (E) I'll never tell you these secrets I'm holding, (A) (E) (F#) (G) I love this leash that holds me, when I try to run away...... (PAUSE) Repeat the chorus over and over with a steady build up....gradually increasing speed with every time. Listen to the album for exact number of times he repeats chorus at the end. I'll guess around 10 to 12. Also to the album for exact rhythm of chords and how they correspond to the lyrics. There is a lead guitar appregiating the chords in a clean tone on top of the straight rhythm. any questions or comments- email me....
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