For King And Country – People Change chords

Intro: C F Am F

Verse 1:
F C F GWanna tell you I'm alright wanna say I'm not in pain
F C Am GBut I would just be telling lies I'm not ok, I'm not ok
Verse 2:
F C F GWanna travel back in time say the things I didn't say
F C Am I wanna tell you everything if it's not too late
GIs it too late
F C G FWill you be there if I call will you leave me in the rain
C G AmIf I say it's all my fault will you still walk away
G F C Am GI understand if you're afraid
Chorus 1:
C F Am GBut people change people change
Verse 3:
F C F C FStay awake and talk to me let me hold you while you sleep
C Am I've been out here on my own but you're my home
GYou're my home
Pre-Chorus Chorus 1 Bridge:
G F C G F Am GI'm not gonna let you down this time darling don't be afraid
Chorus 2:
C F Am GPeople change and I can change
Pre-Chorus Chorus 1 (x2) Outro: F This tab was all by ear and trying to figure out what chords are played in the song. I'm sure you can figure out what type of strumming pattern to play at certain parts. At Chorus 2 play those chords very soft and then build up at the end of it. At the outro let the "f" ring. God bless! Tyler Psalm 121:1-2
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