Fort Atlantic – Let Your Heart Hold Fast chords ver. 2

NOTES: Advanced players can use the following chords in addition to the basic 
chords to enhance playing experience.

Advanced Chords : F9, Bb9, Dm7

Verse 1:
FAll my days are spent
Bb F All my cards are dealt
Dm Bb FOh the desolation grows
FEvery inch revealed
Bb FAs my heart is pierced
Dm Bb FOh my soul is now exposed
Verse 2: --------
FIn the ocean deep
Bb FIn the canyons steep
Dm Bb F Walls of granite here I stand
FAll my desperate calls
Bb FEcho off the walls
Dm Back and forth
Bb FThen back again
Bridge : --------
Bb FTo believe I walk alone
Bb DmIs a lie that I've been told
Verse 3: -------
FSo let your heart hold fast
Bb F For this soon shall pass
Dm Bb F Like the high tide takes the sand
Verse 4: --------
FAt the bitter end
Bb FSalt and liquid blend
Dm Bb FFrom the corner of my eye
FAll the miles wrecked
Bb F Every broken step
Dm Bb F Always searching always blind
Verse 5: -------- Oh oh oh.. oo.. oh. oh.. ( use same chords are all the verses ) Bridge : --------
Bb FNever fear, No never fear
Bb DmNever fear, No never fear
Verse 6: --------
FSo let your heart hold fast
Bb F For this soon shall pass
Dm Bb F There's another hill ahead
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